If I am honest, golf is not my sport of choice.

Nor would it be among my second, third, fourth or fifth choices.

So when I recently got a score of 71 I was pleasantly surprised. After all the par for the course's eighteen holes was 62.

I only did nine.

Other than golf buggies I have not found an aspect of golf which I am particularly fond of.

All these photos were taken with the Fuji X-E1 and the 27mm f2.8 lens. All are straight out of camera JPEGS with the following settings:

  • Film Simulation - Astia
  • Dynamic Range - Auto
  • Colour - High
  • Sharpness - Hard
  • Highlight Tone - M-Hard
  • Shadow Tone - M-Hard
  • Noise Reduction - M-Low
  • White Balance - Auto
  • WB Shift - +2 Red, +2 Yellow (it was meant to be -2 Yellow)

You can see it from here. This was a bad shot.
(And yes it is copyright Joel Gibson although I didn't take the picture)

Okay so this was edited a bit. A little joey chasing after its mum.

Dad teeing off.

Another one of Dad hitting the ball with his bat. I mean stick. Club. Thingy.


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