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Recent comments on my posts have alluded to the lack of photos that I have posted recently. For fear of making excuses I haven't really been out shooting recently. I have, however, been on a couple of walks with my brother in a nature reserve near our house. One of those walks (without the sibling) was just after dawn one morning. It is the first time I have done that and the last time I think I will do so for a while.

Below these images there are a few gems that haven't yet been posted online because they've been hiding within one of my hard-drives.

You can find all of these images and more at[email protected]/

Anyway, here's the photos...

This first one is spec-wise pretty poor but I like the blue tinge in it and the different view of the city it gives.


You may recognise the image below from a recent post of mine. I like the symmetry the trees give as they are silhouetes against the sunset.


The birds certainly wake up early! This image is a straight-out-of-camera (SOOC) JPEG. Nice colours.

I was so very close to walking into this web as it stretched across the pathway. At least it was a pretty good excuse to head back home and turned out okay as a picture.


Nothing too special but I think it would work well as a wallpaper image.


And here are those unseen ones that I promised earlier...

Another one I think would work well as a wallpaper. Taken early one foggy morn' at Lake Towerinning.


It is twilight after the sun has set as the stars begin to come out. Taken at Sandy Patch, Albany (where the windfarm is).


Finally, Twilight Beach near Esperance, WA at a time that was not twilight.

Remember, you can find more images at[email protected]/ :)


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