Recently I went into town to take some shots. Cool story right?

Well it was an opportunity to test out the awesome Pentax K-3 camera. I found it to be a great camera with great handling and picture quality to match. The only drawback? The size and weight, especially compared to my Fuji X-E1.

Anyways here are a few of the better photos:

The sunset taken through the stretched limbs of the Albany Entertainment Centre (AEC). There used to be a post in the middle there but I removed it.

It annoyed me so very much.

The town hall along the main steet. This photo was taken during the 'blue hour' after sunset. I love the relationship between the town and the sea (specifically Princess Royal Harbour) shown in this image. You can see the harbour at the end of street.

Anzac Peace Park. Found at the base of York Street (the aforementioned main street of Albany). The name comes from the historical significance that Albany holds in the ANZAC story (it was where the first and second ANZAC convoys departed from in the Great War).

Finally, the AEC in all it's glory.

Well... when I say glory...

Its design is quite the controversy.

The port sits in the background.


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