I lived in Albany for some six years so I know a few things about the town. The first thing you should know is that it's pronounced Al-Bun-knee. After you get that right you can begin to enjoy the beauty that this seaside town lays claim to.

An important port in the South-West of Australia, Albany is surrounded by green hills and white beaches. The sea makes forays into the land through Oyster Harbour and Princess Royal Harbour, one of the largest natural harbours in the world, as well as King George Sound. This land, partially due to the Melbourne-esque climate, is full of green bushland out of which the town emerges from.

The town's buildings are often dictated by the hilly area that they sit on, though several make their way up Mount Clarence where a memorial to the soldiers of the Desert Corps stands. This memorial has a fantastic view of King George Sound, the place where the first fleet of ANZACs departed from for the battlefields of World War One. For too many of them Albany was the last place they stepped foot on in Australia.

Here I've collected several posts I have made about Albany over the time we've lived there. I plan to return to the area and add to this list of posts. Hope you enjoy them.

The ANZAC centenary was a big occasion for little old Albany. The place where the first ANZACs left from to fight in Europe dealt with the eyes of the nation as they commemorated the occasion. Years of planning had gone into this. The best memory of the occasion was when a friend and I decided to head out on his little boat and sail with the massive warships that had arrived in King George Sound. That was a crazy day. (Warning: there's heaps and heaps of photos in this post so it might take a while to load).

Albany's ANZAC centenary

When in Albany you have to got out to the wind farm. Not only do the turbines (contrary to Tony Abbott's opinion) look fantastic, but the coast line is stunning. Cliffs (and a long staircase) lead down to a surf beach while the turbines stand overlooking the sea. The turbines can also be seen from town, but you really have to get up close to appreciate them. On my first post here I went out with some friends from Camera House to take photos while the second features shots from individual expeditions, a night shooting a meteorite shower with a mate, and a sunset with family.

Albany windfarm

Albany Windfarm Two

After I graduated from school and before I moved up to Perth for university, I worked at Albany Camera House. It was a great job and I do miss it a little bit, especially the making money part. It gave me good opportunities to try out cameras as well, and in this post I give the Pentax K-3 for a spin in town.

Albany Town

I don't play golf. I can, but I don't. However in this post, I play the sport with family out on one of Albany's courses. It wasn't the pretty one near Middleton Beach but it was still a good day out.

Golf in Albany

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