When I broke/fractured my collarbone in football just over five weeks ago, a few things became apparent.

Firstly, my shoulder hurt. That was when I realised that something might be wrong. Then, when the trainer took a look at it, she let me know that my clavicle was broken/fractured. Not knowing what a clavicle was I felt pretty okay.

It didn't take long, what with the pain, sling, ice, and hospital, for me to figure out something was wrong. Six weeks, said the doctor guy, six weeks in the sling. (He was wrong though, it was only five weeks, three days and two hours).

My realisations continued. I would not be able to drive for a few weeks. Photography would be difficult (especially the two-handed action of focusing and zooming). The last few months of pre-season training had amounted to little. My typing would be of a slow, one handed sort.

And I could not go to Hungry Jacks for ages since it takes two hands to handle a whopper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2d5e2OZjWg8.

But I tried to keep to the positives:

  • The club had insurance for members who had paid their fees which I had paid two days previously
  • It was my left, not right, arm
  • It didn't actually hurt all that bad
  • I wouldn't need to pay for fuel since I couldn't drive
  • It happened early on in the season, so I have had plenty of time (AKA the whole season) to get back playing
  • I couldn't do the washing up

That last one was a positive at first, but I quickly grew annoyed that I couldn't help out as much. While my helpfulness went down, everyone elses went up.

My older brother has been great with doing work around the house while I can't (though I think I'm on dishwashing duties for the next few weeks). He was also a great 7AM chauffer for me to get to university each day. I was also able to stay at my uncle and aunty's place for a week while my brother was away. Not only did this mean a bed, but meals and lifts to and from university. Somehow the kids were sad when I went back home. Perhaps they liked the new audience for their Frozen sing-alongs.

While many people have said to me that it must be painful and annoying having a broken collarbone, it hasn't been too bad. I mean, sure it has hurt and definitely been a great inconvineince (to put it extremely lightly), but I think a positive mind set has helped a lot.

It's just not worth dwelling on the regret, though I have replayed the moment a few times in my head. You've got to make do with what you have. And what I've had is great, the assistance I've been given has been a real blessing.

It's also taught me not to take things for granted, like limbs.

Now if you excuse me, I'm gonna do some washing up.


p.s. The cover photo is what happens when you don't make any photographs for a while: untitled self portrait.

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