I've just been scrolling through the list of notes I keep of odd ideas and sentences and story synopsises (synopsi?), trying to find something to write about for this week's blog. Looking for inspiration.

"Time travel story, but don't travel to anywhere of interest." That's a short story, not a blog post.

"He has dementia. Oh no, don't worry, it's only very mild. Everyone has mild dementia now days." Maybe a point of entry for a blog post, but again a bit short story-like.

"How Santa stole Christmas." That could be interesting, but I can't be bothered writing it now. Maybe next week.

Maybe if something happens next week, I can write about that instead because this week I've spent most of my time doing nothing. Is that fair? Okay, lets see... I've spent almost eight hours on social media (roughly 50/50 between Instagram and Facebook), five hours on that grand strategy game, Europa Unervalis IV (EU4), a lot of time on Youtube, and not enough time watching cricket. I've also managed to read two and a half chapters of Susan Sontag's On Photography and maybe sixty pages of the book I'm reading — All The Light We Cannot See.

But all this 'tracking' feels to me like a Fitbit-esque situation. Once I've got all this data (and once the company tracking me has it, and you reading it all too), what am I suppose to do with it? How do I improve?

Well, step one is probably to set goals. Okay.

Next week I'll publish a blog post on the Saturday, as well as a pre-written one on Wednesday, I'll read a chapter a day of On Photography, I'll read an hour a day of my book, I'll write at least five hundred words a day on my long-fiction piece, and I'll do all that before I play EU4.

Okay, goals set. To quote former Hawthorn coach John Kennedy, the next step would be to, "don't think, DO!"

"Don't think, DO!"


I'm back from a break in my writing. 'Break' is used here to imply a stopping of writing, not a moment of rest or recuperation since I've just been out helping with the Salvo's Christmas preparations. Maybe I need to factor that 'volunteering'* into the equation...

Actually, I have done a bit this week — edited a video for our Busselton trip, edited a time-lapse and a few photos, driven to Roebourne to pick up Christmas hampers, (in a moment) written this here blog post, and grown Ethiopia into an African superpower. That last one's an EU4 reference.

Nevertheless, Kennedy's famous line is a good rule for live. It is, in its essence, a coach's command to stop thinking about what you want to do and instead to just do it. That seems to have worked out pretty well for this blog post, whereas I've decided to simply start writing it. Hopefully it's worked out and hopefully you've gotten something out of it too.


*My parents are the Salvo officers here, hence the quotation marks around volunteering.

Photo of my Week

Where I post a photo that sums up an aspect of my week.

I haven't really been out shooting this week, just the one trip and swim at Miaree Pool. That's another thing I need to get around to doing while I'm up here; head out and take a time-lapse of the sun setting. Speaking of which, if you haven't seen my one of Sugarloaf Rock you can check it out below.

The image above was made on one of the tracks around Miaree Pool by holding my camera outside the window as we bounced around the track. If you do hold your camera with one hand and no strap outside a four wheel drive while on a rough track, you're either mad, stupid or me — I'm not willing to put myself into those other two categories, yet.