Okay so where were we? That's right, I was writing a daily blog. Unfortunately, even the coffee wasn't enough and I found myself heading straight to bed as I came into our accommodation, so no time for blogging.

Anyways, last post was about Wednesday, the first of July when we visited Greenwich. That was pretty cool.

On Thursday (day four), nothing much happened outside of the Boundless celebrations. I attended both sessions as well as going to the first part of the first international Salvo film festival. This included the premier of John Cleary's (Aussies will know him) new film - "Opening Shot", about The Salvation Army and our rich history film making.

East End

On Friday we not only attended the main sessions but headed into east London to explore the infamous east end, the birthplace of The Salvation Army. In what use to be (dunno if it still is) one of the most derelict places in London army found William Booth (seen below) started "The Christian Mission" 150 years ago. It was renamed The Salvation Army in 1878 before spreading to 126 countries (the official number)

I don't normally post pictures of myself on here, but here's one. A splitting image, all I need is a beard and that uniform. I actually really like the General's uniform.

The Salvation Army wasn't founded by a single man, but by a woman too. Catherine Booth, the army's mother.

And near the statues, a mural of famous people who were either from or did big stuff on this street, including Captain James Cook and Vladimir Lenin.

Speaking of the good Captain, here's where his house use to stand.

William Booth began his ministry after hearing ministers speaking outside the Blind Beggar. The people were so impressed with his oratory skills that they invited him to speak at a tent they had set up down the road.

The Blind Beggar, the place where William Booth started to make people see.

Where the tent was set up, on an old Quakers burial ground.

The East End is now home to a large Muslim community and the largest mosque in Europe. Good opportunity for some street photography.

If I'm not too tired I might try to post some photos from today's historic march on Proving Sunshine's Facebook Page so be sure to check that out. And if you like, feel free to comment and share this post.


A bonus shot...

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