Well, I could technically call this day two. After all, we left for London at 4:30pm Perth time on Sunday, arrived at around 1pm on Monday, and I am writing this at 2:30am in the morning.

But for the sake of trying not to confuse my tired, jet-lagged mind (too late), I am going to call this day one. With that in mind, we touched down on English soil around 6am this Monday morning, and as I write this it is 7:30pm. I was interested in catching some sunset shots but apparently its still a couple of hours until such an event occurs - at 9:30pm! That's just crazy.

But lets not get ahead of ourselves.

After landing in the country, we found ourselves trying to make our way into the underground. That wasn't too hard to do until we had to change trains, and it was at that moment that we realised two things - first, carrying around cases in London as well as keeping sight of two children is hard, and second, there are lots of people in London.

Like seriously, heaps of people. If you're from Australia (like me), think of Sydney, multiply it by two, add a half million people for good measure, and the amount of people that might arrive in the tourist season. You'll arrive at a tally of nearly nine million people. That's a lot.

Speaking of population, if I had one word to describe London I would use 'dense'. If I had three words I'd say 'really, really dense'. For a comparison, the city I come from (Perth) has 310 people per square kilometre. London? 5,300. That's nearly eighteen times more.

Once we had overcome the obstacles of train riding, we headed out to our accommodation at High Leigh Conference centre.

That's the day in a nutshell, so here's some photos to extend it a bit...

The last sight of Australia land, Shark Bay area.

Lights of Indonesia. We landed at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia before continuing our journey.

Here's a glimpse of the beast that took us from KL to London. Nearly 12,000 kilometres. The airbus A380.

A 20-odd hour journey and BAM, you're in London.

After emerging out of Heathrow, we spent a few hours among the trains.

But that was okay, we got to see a little bit of the city. As well as noticing how dense it is, it was amazing to see how old many of the buildings are. Like, not ancient, but in Australia there aren't many old buildings not set aside for tourism.

Welcome to High Leigh. Speaking of old buildings, our accommodation is pretty awesome.

Seriously, how cool is this building? And it's sooo English - especially the football (soccer ball) in the water fountain.

So that's a bit of a story to go with the photos of my first/first-second day(s) over here (depending on your timezone). Confusing, I know.

I'm gonna try and do pretty regular updates if I can, but mostly want to go out and enjoy it all so might not get around to it. These updates also depend on wi-fi connections. They seem pretty good in London, and there's some where we're are staying, but that might change when we leave for Paris and then the rest of the United Kingdom. As an aside, all these photos were edited with VSCO Cam, and I hope you like the way they came out.

Until next time, maybe soon but who knows.


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