So this post is about last Sunday in England, but I'm writing it on Wednesday in France. The forests, farms and villages are whizzing pass the train window as we roll along at something between 200 and 300 kilometres an hour. So while I've had a chance to sit down, I have decided to write about what happened last Sunday. Of course, a bit has happened in the days between but I might roll that into a general post or two about London.

Anyway, last Sunday roughly three thousand Salvos* marched down "The Mall" towards Buckingham Palace as part of the 150th anniversary "Boundless" celebrations. In the morning we had a fantastic last session before heading out to the afternoon march.

Boundless ended with a bang or two.

By the looks of the crowd, just about everyone in that arena (plus more) had come along. I couldn't say whether the Queen was or wasn't amused since she didn't attend. Apparently she had less important like some baby's christening to attend to.

However, Queen Victoria looked less than amused.

The International Staff Band led the march.

While plenty of timbrels followed close behind.

Never a bad time for a selfie. Or in my opinion, a good time.

Papua New Guinea!

A guy getting interviewed by SAVN.TV. Mum got interviewed as well.

Lots of people everywhere.

The General also got interviewed by SAVN.TV.

So this was just a quick post to catch up on some things, and, since I took so many photos, I thought that I'd let them do the talking. Look out for some more posts coming about France, although they might take a while due to a lack of internet connectivity and time. But we'll see how we go.

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*Salvationists if you're English, Sallies if you're American.

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