Some of the people that I have spoken to have been quite impressed that I drank some tea yesterday morning. To those people I would like to say that I had a cup of tea over this morning's breakfast.

That is, after I had a mocha and two double espressos. No joke.

I think it worked, at least until part way through a two and a half hour musical. That was maybe about four o'clock, so a bit better than yesterday. I reckon it must've been the second espresso.

Between the espressos and the musical, we (my brother and I) spent the morning babysitting our cousins. Which at first glance sounds horrible, but when you're in London its not too bad*. So, upon realising the O2 arena was at North Greenwich, we headed south to Greenwich, famous for the meridian line thingy.

It cost money to go in to see the grand dotted line so we decided to just explore the area with an eventual destination in mind: a playground. We didn't make it to the playground. I don't think the kids minded too much since they had an icecream. We had icecreams too, and so also didn't mind not going to the playground.

Check out the photos for more info...

From the top of the observatory hill. It was a nice view to the old naval buildings and city below.

A (moderately sized) ship in a ((very large) bottle.

This is William IV. He was famous for doing stuff and being someone.

Sam was quite impressed that these buildings had been repaired. I mean, it's been less than two years since Thor defeated Doctor Who number nine here. That's good repairwork.

Babysitting and learning stuff about the universe. We were able to learn because entry was free.

Daniel spotted this squirrel being chased by a dog before scurrying up a tree. So like a bunch of tourists we crowded around the tree fascinated. This is the second squirrel I have ever seen.

How did we get to Greenwich? By double decker bus of course. This is the view from the top floor.

After the musical ("Covenant") we met with mum's aunty and dad for tea (the dinner kind). It was good for us to all catch up, especially for mum and her aunty (who's from Belfast). Plus, I quite enjoyed my nachos. However, I must say I am quite disappointed at the lack of access to iced coffees here in England.

But why, in England, would anyone need an iced coffee? You'd certainly want a hot one, right?

Well, for those who are unaware, the temperature today reached the mid-thirties, which is quite hot. As a proud Western Australian, such temperatures would ordinarily be okay in Summer. But back to the dense thing I was talking about before (LINK?).

In Perth, I'm normally cruising along in my air conditioned car (air-con being a standard feature in Australia) and not squeezed in a train carriage with forty other people, or sitting in a musical without any air conditioners or fans. So on paper, the temperature is bearable, but in reality the conditions aren't that great.

Things got okay though for the final event of the day - the first session, "A Joyful Army". It was basically a welcome, since today was officially the first day, and it was great to see people march in with different country flags to the sounds of the International Staff Band.

The flags from the Americas and Carribean marching towards the stage.

A portion of the O2 arena. Although I don't wear one myself, it was great to see so many uniforms in one place.

That was day three in the life of a boundless salvationist.

To the people who have mentioned to me my blog, be it the pictures or the curiously peculiar writing, thank you very much. It is definitely an encouragement to hear that people enjoy something of my work.

To the people using the currently trending #unboundless hashtag in the Western Australian Division, I'm sorry but #boundless has been pretty awesome so far and I, among the many other Salvos, will be sure to post more London landmarks in the days to come. But seriously, it'd be even more awesome if everyone could be here.


*Disclaimer: It might actually be bad, but it went pretty well for us. Also, I take no legal responsibility for any injuries sustained by a babysitter in the city of London.

A couple of 'bonus' images I couldn't fit in elsewhere.