This morning I drank a cup of tea. And I liked it. So I drank some more. And then some more. All over an English breakfast of bacon, eggs and baked beans. To make up for all the Englishness of it, I drank a cup of coffee afterwards. So began day two.

Today we managed to get to the O2, accidentally going on a chair lift on the way, although Mum says it was planned. Planned or not, it was nice to get up and above the city, to look at the overlapping structures from afar and take photos of them, plus a selfie. That last one wasn't my idea.

The view from the chairlift. Canals (isn't it?), old buildings, trains and industry. A section of London in a nutshell.

The Thames. It was a lovely brown so I changed the image to black and white.

The O2 arena, as seen from the chair lift.

The O2 arena, as seen from below.

The O2 is the sight for many, if not all, of The Salvation Army's Boundless celebrations. So for the next week or so it is the residence of many Salvo things - from the various sessions and concerts, to "The Boundless Journey" (story of the army), to a shop for all things The Salvation Army. As well as this, it is the permanent residence of various restraunts and shops, a cinema and small toilets. You should've seen the line for the women's.

We spent most of the morning exploring this stuff, as well as some of the afternoon. This involved lots of walking, and by the time that we were about to head off to our next accidental/planned thing, I realised that I was really quite tired. I realised my mistake almost at once. It was the tea I drank this morning.

Instead of drinking a standard two and a half cups of coffee, plus one extra, I drank two and a half cups of tea, plus a coffee. Yesterday, over the course of the plane journeys and settling into bed for the first night, I would have consumed coffee at a rate of one cup every four hours. That is how I avoided bad jet lag (and how you should too).

However, since I've only had the one cup I am extremely tired, so I might cut the post here and call it a day. But not before a few photos...

Part of "The Boundless Journey". Catherine Booth, the mother of the army. As part of the journey we got free Krispy Kreme doughnuts. 9/10, would journey again.

In the afternoon we went out for some cheesy chips with some of mum's family. On the way we passed the British training college. Pretty impressive.

Then on return to the O2 we saw the International Music Festival, featuring bands, timbrels and singers from Angola, America, Australia and South America.

Some of the architecture around the O2.

Leaving for the day.

But not before taking a few pictures.

Gotta go, otherwise I'm going to fall asleep.


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