In the tourist season of 2015, my family and I spent more than half a day inside two metallic boxes that hurtled through the air like a javelin before plunging into the Heathrow tarmac. After stumbling to our feet, we emerged from our plane on the other side of the world.

And what another side of the world it was.

This is probably the biggest collection of posts that I have written, ranging from short ones with a few photos to bigger ones with more than just a few photos. I hope you enjoy each of them, from London to Paris to Belfast.

The feature of our visit was the Boundless congress, celebrating 150 years since The Salvation Army was founded, in London. The week in the city was extremely busy and the congress included a Salvo invasion of the Mall outside Buckingham Palace.

England. Day One.

England. Day Two.

England. Day Three. Greenwich.

England. Days Four and Five. The East End.

England. Days Six and Seven. Buckingham Invasion.

After the Salvo celebrations, we caught the Eurostar to one of Europe's star cities in Paris. Even though we only had four days in the city of love, we made sure to get to many of the tourist hot spots, including a sunset tour of the Eiffel Tower.

Paris. Day One. Louvre to Notre Dame.

Paris. Day Two. Arc de Triomphe.

Paris. Day Two, Part Two. Eiffel Tower.

Paris. Day Three. Villers-Bretonneux.

Arriving back at St Pancras in London, we made our way to where we would pick our motorhome up from near Cambridge. From our humble origins in the south of England we drove up to Scotland and back to where we had picked the motorhome up. Again, like it had been in France, time was against us and we had only ten days to finish our epic road trip (at least if you're English, not so much if you're Australian).

UK Road Trip. Days One to Three.

UK Road Trip. Day Four. York to Hillside Farm.

UK Road Trip. Day Five. Hadrian's Wall.

UK Road Trip. Day Six. Into Scotland.

UK Road Trip. Day Seven. Edinburgh to Falkirk.

UK Road Trip. Day Eight. Falkirk to Glasgow.

UK Road Trip. Day Nine. Glasgow to Luton.

London done. Paris done. Road trip done. Next destination: Belfast, Northern Ireland. Belfast is the birthplace of my Mum and so we have lots of family there. Because of this our stay was a mixture of meeting family members and exploring what the (tiny) country of Northern Ireland had to offer. I wrote these posts part way into my university semester where one of my courses was on travel writing so you may or may not see an increase in quality over my other posts. However, I was also starting to forget things...

Northern Ireland (An Introduction)

Northern Ireland One // The North Coast (Giant's Causeway & a Rope Bridge)

Northern Ireland Two // Belfast City Hall

Northern Ireland Three // Titanic Belfast

Northern Ireland Four // Stormont (Parliament Houses)

Northern Ireland Five // The City of Belfast

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