"You should sell your photos", say some people occasionally.

Thanks to those people I have finally decided to offer some of my photos for sale on an awesome little site called RedBubble. I've been on RedBubble for a while as an observer and have spent long evenings trawling through the fantastic artwork and photography that is available to buy.

All of the artwork has been created by independent or small time artists like me. Which is cool.

With my work I've decided not to upload too much stuff as I'd rather keep my portfolio high quality. When I say "high quality", I mean that if I think it's good it can go on there. Sometimes this might mean that a photo of mine that you like from facebook or the Proving Sunshine site isn't on there. If that's the case, just let me know and I can make it available for you.

I doubt I'll earn much (or any) money from this, but that is far from the point. The reason my images are up there is so that people don't just see my photos on a screen (which is something I've been doing myself).

So if you like a photo enough to buy a print of it, please do so. I'll love knowing that someone has my image on their wall.

If you want, check out my RedBubble page here:


p.s. If you like, let me know if you do buy an image of mine from the site. I'd love to see a photo of it :)

Oh, also. All these images are under the profile name "wobble000", not Proving Sunshine.

Find out more about Proving Sunshine at: