This week I did two things out of character: I committed to updating this blog weekly, and I bought a leather bound journal.

Now, I'm not a neat writer (or person) so that last one is something I've avoided for a long time, because I've heard tales of woe where people have gotten fancy journals (either by choice or via presents), and never touched them because they don't want to ruin them. As soon as I wrote a word in this book (the first word was "I", by the way) I ruined it. Well, to be fair to myself it was probably the second word that did that — "Bought" — since, yes, it had a capital "B".

That's okay. In fact, that's pretty much what I told myself in that first page. That I'm okay with writing and drawing and arrowing and glueing and scribbling in this book. It's going to be a nice looking book ruined by the form of the words in it, but hopefully they'll have some substance to them.

The physicality of the book is also nice, compared to what I'm doing now (writing on a keyboard). The words that come out here are nice, and transferrable and shareable, but I can correct things and change things until they're perfect. But everything I write in this journal is a pure, first draft (unless it's a rewrite, of course). It stays, unlike the original first word of this sentence which was "and", and which I deleted soon after I wrote it. To quote Bastille quoting Shakespeare, "I have written you down now, you will live forever*".

To quote Bastille quoting Shakespeare, "I have written you down now, you will live forever".

But that's enough of me writing this out on here, let me let the journal explain it to you. Points if you can read it.

The other thing I did out of character was committing to updating this blog weekly, probably on most Saturday nights. The journal will probably help with that, though it's not just restricted to being a "diary" — there'll be ideas and quotes and notes and boats in it too. But it should help.

Oh, and I did another 'odd' thing this week — I printed out some of my images. These are only little, 6x4" and 6x8" prints, but they look great. If you ever want to order a print of a picture you see here, or on Facebook or Instagram, just let me know. You can email me at or just send a direct message via social media.

And another thing. Down the bottom of this page you might see a "subscriber" box. If you'd like to hear when there's a new post out or some extra special news, feel free to pop your email in there and press "subscribe". I won't spam you (unless I send you Spam) and I may not even email you for a few weeks as I get things sorted out.

So have a good Saturday night, and I'll see you next Saturday too at around this time.

Oh, and to quote myself, "it's about the journal, not the destination".


*conditions apply

Photo of my Week

Where I post a photo that sums up an aspect of my week.

This week I played around with the Box Brownie my Grandparents gave me and, while not as tasty as a chocolate brownie, it didn't disappoint. I didn't shoot any film with it (if you can get it, it would be hard to get it) but instead shot through the camera's viewfinders and front lenses. Those viewfinders are the little yellow-rectangles on the side and the lenses are the two eyes above the circular mouth of the Brownie. Seriously, this camera looks like a cute, always in a state of shock, little machine face. I look forward to more hipster outings with this camera, as soon as I grow this beard. Check back with me in six months.