Lake towerrininginginginging, or Lake Towerrining for short, is a lake 250 kms south east of Perth in Western Australia. On the school holidays groups of people (e.g. my family) travel to the lake to participate in waterskiing.

I went along with the family to the lake but didn't skii. I mean, I can skii but I've just never tried. I did however have a sunset ride on the kneeboard - which was awesome.

Anyway, due to various family movements, this was our last time at the lake. I was only able to spend a week there due to study commitments and at that time I took some photos. I didn't take lots because A) I wanted to enjoy my time there and B) I did a lot of study.

Here are some photos from the week...

Like I said, study. Out of all the places to study though, this was very nice.

Dad, skipper no. 2.

He's still got it!

Or not.

The top of the hill near Lake Towerinning lies host to this black tree and a ghost town of caravans.


"Whatcha lookin' at?"

"All I want is some sleep..."


Flat as a pancake.

Siblings. (Discaimer: I may not have taken this photo, or the next one.)

Hold on!

I like that tree. That's a nice tree.

Though this tree is also okay.

Many attempt the disc. Few succeed. Or at least that's what Dad would like you to think (and Sam since he actually did succeed.)

How many magpies does it take to change a light bulb? They're unable to since they can't reach the top of the ladder. And they are birds.

That was a seriously cool soccer ball.

Lifting the lid on dessert...

...which (since it contained chocolate, marshmallows, bannannas and other stuff in an icecream cone) was very yummy.

So there are some of my photos from a week at the lake. Hopefully they give you an idea of it and our final stay there. Goodbye Lake Towerrining.


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