"Well I haven't got a job and I don't have a five year plan
and I don't care what you say 'cos I'm content with who I am"

Well that's not entirely true for me but I still reckon it's a pretty cool quote from singer/songwriter Stu Larsen. Firstly, I've just resigned from my pretty awesome job and I've kinda got a three year plan at the moment.

I started my job at Albany Camera House just after my year twelve exams and have just fininshed less than a week ago. It was pretty good selling cameras and accessories and such stuff. My job was interesting for a few reasons: it was my first job in retail, it was a regional small business and, well, I like photography.

It was great experience working in retail and seeing how a business works in serving and helping customers. It was sad though to see how difficult it is for stores to compete with online dealerships. That was the worst bit.

On the bright side it was nice working in a town where you knew a fair few of the people you were serving. They were either from school, footy or were people I had met while working there. That's where the small regional business advantage comes in. You build relationships with people; that lady who comes in to get her photos printed or the teenager who comes in every month or so about a video camera.

Finally, I am a photographer and working with cameras and learning more about how they work was pretty great. Being able to help people find the right camera was cool. (Actually just having people who would listen to me talk was nice).

A gift from the Camera House crew :)

So why did I leave my job if I was enjoying it?

Well that would be to do with my three year plan. University.

That is where I'm heading now. Uni will be an experience as I move away from home into the big city (Perth) and have to learn all that comes with running a house (hence the cooking gear above). I'm not alone though as I move in with my older brother.

At the same time I adjust to cooking meals and paying bills (hmmm... that rhymes) I'll be trying to complete a University degree. At the moment that is a double major in "Screen Arts" and "Creative Writing" at Curtin University.

And after that? After my three year plan is complete?

Who knows what the future holds. Whatever I do I want to enjoy it - that is the aim.

In the mean time, here are some photos of leaving Albany and the new place.


P.S. It's also my nineteenth birthday on the 18th of February. It hass kinda snuck up on me.

Car One.

Car Two.

The house itself.

What I wake up to every morning. Hill starts. Soon, I will be a ninja at them.

The games room

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