Northern Ireland is the country situated at the North of the island of Ireland, hence its name Northern Ireland. The first impression I had of the place, and I'm sorry to all the Irish people out there, was that it was a scaled down version of England. For one, the the people speak English in strange and unfamiliar accents while the climate is equally odd (i.e. it rains a lot, even in summer). Going into technicalities, they also have the same ruler (Her Majesty the Queen) and their currency is in pounds. The former is evident in the vast amounts of Union Jacks flying around the place - we probably saw more in Northern Ireland than in the whole of England.

I left out some important similarities there, namely: the country is nice, the fields are made up of spectacular shades of green, there are many hills worth exploring, and there is a lot of history to be found in this little country (including, but not limited to, a history of Westeros). Also similar to England, I enjoyed our time there quite a bit.

Like England, there was family around to meet and greet. Just a lot more of it. Shout out to the McDowells for letting us stay over and eat your (very nice) food. Using their house in Belfast as a base, we organised day and half-day trips out into the world of Northern Ireland.

These included:

  • The Giants Causeway
  • Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge
  • Belfast City Hall
  • Belfast-Titanic Museum/Exhibition/Building
  • Parliament Houses (AKA Stormont)

That's not a complete list as there were a few other things we got up to along the way to and from a few of these places - including simply walking through Belfast.

Over the coming days I'll be writing and uploading posts about this great little country but I couldn't resist including a little taster of our adventures...

This photo sums up some of Northern Ireland. Specifically, the northern part. As in the north coast of the country.

A portion of the seriously cool structure that is Titanic Belfast. From a birds eye view it is shaped like a compass you find on the edge of a map, while from below its like the scaled bows of a ship.

Stay tuned because more posts should be on the way soonish. I'll be letting everybody know when they come out via the Facebook so jump onto that if you haven't already.