I have a confession to make.

Before yesterday's cricket match (which was my first live cricket match attendance) at the WACA, I thought that I liked watching sport on TV more than live. At least in terms of cricket I think I've changed my mind.

If I had not been at the game I wouldn't have seen Du Plessis' great catch from just ten metres away. Nor would have I seen Mitchell Johnson's blistering pace for real, or be able to stand up and cheer with a crowd when a catch was made. Or moaned when it was an Aussie player that was caught.

I would have missed out on a lot.

So all in all I was happy to go to the cricket and despite having to endure through over eight hours of it between 11 am and 7:30 pm it was great. Although I'm not sure how I would fair at a test match!

Add to it that winning feeling and it was a good day at the cricket.

Here's a few images from the day.

At this stage I thought we were going okay but De Villiers and Miller each made fifties. Then the situation turned again in Australia's favour at around the 200-run mark when our bowlers got four wickets for just thirteen runs.

Spider-cam. Spider-cam. Does what ever a spider-cam does. Which is basically take awesome video and looking cool doing it.

Compared to watching footy at Patersons Stadium I was surprised at how close we were to the action.

Coulter-Nile. According to the blokes behind us he has the best bowling figures of any player at the WACA with a hyphenated name and that begins with C and ends with E. I think they were right.

In the end Australia won with a score of 300/8 while South Africa were all out in the 48th over with 268 runs.

I'll be watching the next one-dayer on Sunday but this time it'll from the couch, not the stand. We'll see which one I'll enjoy more but I reckon it'd be this one.


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