Australia. Famed and feared for its vast expanses of space and the animals (and occasionally people) that live in it. Having grown up in the south west of this continent/island, including Perth, the second most isolated capital city in the world, I've travelled around it a fair bit.

Here I've collected all the posts I've made about the places few find their way to. Most of them are based in my home state of Western Australia, a tourist destination often overlooked for the crowded streets of Sydney and the Gold Coast. I might be biased, but the open spaces of the outback are worth your time more than the cramped cities of the east coast.

In the Winter of 2014, my older brother and I headed north to Karijini National Park. Known for its gorges, this road trip was as much about the destination as it was the 3000 kilometre plus trip. We enjoyed it, hope you do too.

Meeka (or Part 1 of a Journey North)

Gorge-ous Karijini (or Part 2 of a Journey North)

Gorge-ous Karijini Part 2 (or Part 3 of a Journey North)

Part 1 of a Journey South (or Part 4 of a Journey North)

January 2015. My parents are appointed by The Salvation Army to the corps in Karratha. We head up during the summer on our uni break. On the north west coast it is hot, red dirt covers the ground, and miners rule the streets. The slowing of the mining boom leaves the fledging city trying to establish itself while miners fly out more than in.

Karratha and Co

Karratha and Co (Part 2)

Lake Towerinning was a popular destination for my family when we lived in Albany. It's ski lake, created by a meteor impact, makes for good fun all year round.

Lake Towerinning

I hadn't visited the pinnacles and Lancelin for years, but in 2015 I drove the 500 kilometre return trip twice over two weeks. One for a day trip on an overcast day, another overnight under a starry sky.

Of Pinnacles and Sand Dunes

The Pinnacles (Part Two)

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