Today we slept in. Yep, you heard that right. We arrived in Paris last night and then this morning we slept in. We're quite tired.

Making our way to the apartment in Saint-Denis, the first thing I noticed was that everything was in French. Then I noticed how the people that we walked past were a mixture of families and what I might describe as mobs. Indeed, upon soon leaving the station to go onto the tram, the police who we had asked for directions, cycled past us to break up a rabble.

Things are certainly different here as the people move in and around century old buildings, and modern tramways, but it almost reminds me of Papua New Guinea. However, to be fair to the people of PNG, I never witnessed a crowd like this. This doesn't seem to be a rare occurrence and we witnessed police breaking up another crowd tonight outside the supermarket we went to. As we walked along with our groceries, we spotted people barbecuing corn cobs inside a trolley.

Along our walk today it wasn't hard to spot the homeless of Paris, nor was it difficult to ignore the beggars and people selling things for a few euros. Although, since I have no euros, it's easy to avoid buying things. One thing I have learnt today is that there seems to be a big gap between the upper and lower classes.

But anyway, we managed to get out of our beds and leave to explore some of Paris, leaving the train station at Champs Élysées Clemenceau and making our way to the Louvre.

The path to the Louvre was dotted with tourists (like us) and people selling anything from paintings to selfie sticks. I didn't seem to get any in this photo, but I think there was one just behind me.

The Louvre is a very nice building, and not just for the glass pyramids. We didn't go inside, but may do later on. Note the people on the left (to scale).

In Paris, the architecture seems to be all about symmetry, so watch out for that in a few of my photos. Edited with the help of VSCO film

Taking polaroids for a few euros.

Going along a set tourist walk, we made our ways onto an island for lunch, and then onto Notre Dame. A lot of detail in this old building

This guy lost his head. But fortunately he later found it.

Some of the love locks that amass in certain spots around Paris.

The view down the Seine.

Cruising just like the Aussies at the Ashes.

How cool is this? Not a tourist spot or anything, but just one of the many cool buildings you spot around cities like Paris and London.

So there are some photos from today, as well as my first impression of Paris, and therefore, I suppose, France. Gotta go though, I might actually get to bed before eleven! Goodnight.


P.s. I'm not proofreading any of my posts because I don't really have the time. If there are any small errors please let my editor know, and if there are any significant ones please let me know. Merci.

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