This one's a little bit different. Instead of something for you to read, I've delivered something for you to watch.

First, a bit of context. Yesterday, my brothers and I headed over to Port Hedland with the express purpose of going on a tour of Australia's largest bulk export port. That tour was operated by 'Seafarers', a world-wide not-for-profit group that helps to support the modern day sailor. So we got a tour and the opportunity to support a good group.

After that, we set about exploring the town a bit more, especially those areas we hadn't made it to on our other visits. Check it out in the video below.

Oh, and a happy new year then to you too.


Photo of my Week

Where I post a photo that sums up an aspect of my week.

Suddenly I've got lots of pictures of ships. Big ships at that. Fact: it takes three trains (those Pilbara ones you have to wait ten minutes to pass if you get caught at a crossing) to fill one of these babies up. Then at high tide it's towed out towards China and later it will come back for more.

There'll be many more pictures like this coming in the following weeks.