A few weeks ago I wrote a post titled "Proving Sunshine". I like that title. It's a bit more original than just "the shadow proves the sunshine". It is more of a verb. More of a doing word.

It has purpose.

I have been trying to think up a catchy title for my blog for a while now. Originally it was to be "Wait and Sea". That lacks a sense of action. Right now it is "JRG Photo". All that is, is a variant on the cliched "[insert name here] Photography".

As of today it will be "Proving Sunshine". The domain name changes soon to www.provingsunshine.com .

This title has a purpose to it.

It also has meaning for my photography. Photography depends on light. Without light it is worthless. It also depends on the shadows the light creates to mold the image.

And I think it's pretty catchy - which is always nice.

I am also launching a Facebook page along with the new blog/domain name. The link for that is https://www.facebook.com/provingsunshine?skip

I'm not going to tell you to like my page since I don't enjoy people telling me to like, comment or share things. In saying that, feel free to like it anyway...

I hope you continue to enjoy my intermittent updates to this blog.