Hello! Long time no blog. These stats were accurate at the time of writing which was about three or four months ago, so you'll be happy to know I've edited more photos than "400ish".

For some reason I never posted it. Well, that last bit's a lie because here it is, post-posted, if you know what I mean. Enjoy!

A few days (well, now months) ago we came back from our latest trip: the Gibb River road.

Here's the stats:

  • DAYS: 15ish
  • TIME DEPARTED KARRATHA: 7am, 3rd of July 2016.
  • TIME ARRIVED KARRATHA: 4pm, 18th of July 2016.
  • KILOMETRES TRAVELLED: 4000 kilometres
  • CIRCUMNAVIGATIONS OF THE EARTH COMPLETED: 0.1 (10% of a total circumnavigation)
  • COLES EXPRESS $2 COFFEES BOUGHT (JUST ME): 3 or 4 (one every time I could get one)
  • NIGHTS WITHOUT FLUSHING WATER: Only two or so (seriously, lots of places on the road had showers and flushing toilets — so we were pretty much "glamping")
  • OASISES ("OASI"?) FOUND: Not applicable since not every place we stop at is an oasis, Mum.
  • WATER CROSSINGS: At least 20
  • PLACES SWUM AT: 7 1/2 (I got up to the waist at Cable Beach)
  • PHOTOS TAKEN: 1,750ish (a total of 3327 RAW and JPEGS divided into roughly half)
  • PHOTOS EDITED: 400ish
  • PHOTOS TO EDIT: 1,200ish
  • TIMELAPSES TAKEN: Four or Five
  • VIDEOS TAKEN: 90 (approx. 36 gigabytes)
  • TIME SPENT EDITING PHOTOS (since getting back to Karratha, not including time taken in Perth): At estimate, at least 20 hours

So that's how things stand at the moment. I'm editing photos as I can, but it is a slow process of sorting out the images and I can easily spend ten minutes on a single image, often a lot more. That's not to say the videos. I've watched a couple taken by the action camera, but I haven't started to organise them (this last part is still current as of time of posting).

I've got a week to go until my last semester of creative writing starts up again (at posting, a few weeks until it ends), so I'll see whether or not I can get a blog post or two out about the trip (well the answer to that is an obvious "no"). If I don't, still be sure to keep an eye out for photos on Facebook and Instagram.

In the mean time, here is a couple of (exclusive!?) photos...

In order, these are out of order and were taken at: Tunnel Creek, Sandfire, The Boab Prison Tree (Derby), outside of Tunnel Creek, Windjana Gorge.


Side note: I've still got Jurien Bay Day 3 to do, so yeah. Don't forget about that.

Side note: statistics may or may not be true and are based on guesswork as much as actual statistics. Call them stats, call them guesstimates, call them complete fabrications. I don't mind, truth is in discourse anyway.